Inner Curse

by Head Krusher

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released August 1, 2015



all rights reserved


Head Krusher Taubaté, Brazil

Formed as a trio at the end of 2005, the Head Krusher launches in three months Disorder demo, designing your name in the depths of darkest Brazilian underground.

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Track Name: Slave Makers
The myth of Horus
Gave birth to his son
A symbol of the old religions
And the revolution of the one god
The symbol of the liberty
And stolen festivals
From pagan times
The new religion
Daughter of Rome
When it became
The religion
The lie was born
To keep the empire
What is now
Called Vatican
I don’t see
Jesus in history
Only in this book of lies
Track Name: Beyond the Skies
Hidden in space
Observing Earth
Waiting for the right time
To show his intention
Genetic modification
The response between ape and man

Beyond the skies
We hope the answer
Heaven or Hell
Who can stop them?

The existence
Of aliens
Creates terror
And proves
The lies of religions

The true gods of the sky
Live beyond the skies
Track Name: Street War
Human scum
Ostentation is what matters
No fear of weak laws
They impose terror

The solution is without compassion
We need to pay anyway

Crime to spend on prostitutes
Drugs and cars
Listening to musical garbage
Like cursed social worms

Even when innocents will die?
We must respond in the same way

Ready your gun
Is need to be fast
This is street war
The law of the stronger
Track Name: Inside the Other Side
On a night heat
Something else warms the blood
Extreme sex drive
An appeal by the look

She dressed in red
Tonight will be another way

Another sip of drink
Makes you relax
The desire for pleasure and pain
Makes you want to
What many women fear

Tonight I want
The other side

Domination of the stronger
Follow my commands

Without the limits of religion
We live in the best of sex profane
Track Name: Personal Demons
Behind the eyes
Lives the lies and fears
What you say have disgusted
But does when alone ?

Where you hide your personal demons?

Showing the joy
With the success of others
And hopes
Everything goes wrong

Where you hide your personal demons?

Personal demons

You can wear your mask
But it will never lie to yourself
Track Name: Life of Lies
Inside an empty new world
Where people
Living a life of illusion
In a virtual theater

I refuse

No weak men
No ugly women
All looking perfect
Lights in your scene
Leave some aside this prison
That enslaved your mind
Your real life
Is one that you can touch

I refuse

Face the pain
Face the hate
Face your fears

I refuse

Face the pain
Face the hate
Face your fears
I refuse
This life of lies
Track Name: Same Day for All
Most people don’t look to the stars
Always working
No need to know and why

You live as a slave
And die without living

The tv shows
What you need to be
The internet has chained you
Your life belongs to all

Never forget
There the day of death

Don’t die without living
The end will come one day

Your money is gone
The arrogance falls
Your body will be the feast of worms
Your heritage is your honor
Your history is your medal

Same day for all